Past Communications

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Concierge Highlights

CPA Financial Architects

Meet Timothy C. Downer, a CPA and EA with expertise in small business advisory and tax consulting, and learn about the comprehensive, client-focused services provided by CPA Financial Architects.


Michaelson Law

Michaelson Law, Nevada's premier firm for business and estate law, is known for its personalized touch and expertise in various legal areas. Led by John Michaelson, the firm has been helping clients build and protect their estates for over 20 years.


David Yurovchak

Meet David Yurovchak of Guild Mortgage, a top mortgage expert with over 19 years of experience and a strong commitment to customer service, specializing in helping clients secure the right loans and achieve their homeownership dreams.


Robco Electric

Discover Robco Electric, a trusted electrical and solar provider in Las Vegas, renowned for its commitment to fairness, transparency, and exceptional service.


Patrick Maffio

Patrick Maffio, a Health Fitness Specialist, holds extensive experience in athletics and fitness training and is dedicated to helping clients prioritize their health as an essential part of their wealth management.


Mid-Year PDFs

2024 | Multi-Generational Planning

Diazo's multi-generational wealth planning offers personalized strategies for preserving and transferring wealth, considering financial assets, family dynamics, tax implications, and philanthropic goals.


2023 | Concierge

Diazo's Concierge Services provides comprehensive support for financial well-being, offering services such as home renovations, business consulting, lifestyle and wellness advice, and multifarious inquiries, all backed by a network of vetted professionals to provide personalized, client-focused solutions.